Digital signage for hospitality

The impact of hospitality digital signage on providing a memorable guest experience is a proven fact, consequently, more and more hotels are adopting digital signage on every opportune site.

Digital signage provides an implicit as well as an explicit way to show the customer how much you care about them and their busy schedules. By delivering informative, entertaining and engaging contents on appropriate moments, hospitality digital signage is now an unavoidable factor in delivering exemplary customer service.

Simple hotel signages to video walls, interactive kiosks, wayfinding boards, information displays, entertainment displays, and hotel assistive displays; today's hospitality digital signage screens are a true resemblance of the hotel’s brand value.

Hospitality digital signage boards are widely used for welcome screens, weather and news boards, social media digital walls, promotional and commercials displays, local attractions and travel options, flight details and other guest engaging contents.

How screendrive digital signage can change your hospitality experience

Welcome Screens

First impression is the best impression. Give a warm welcome to your guests with unforgettable contents, like personalised welcome messages, exclusive offers, and hotels specialities.

Information displays

Keep your guests uptodate through digital information boards. Fill your hotel digital information boards with Locality informations, tourist destinations, security precautions, events and festivals, customised local maps and other engaging contents

Wayfinding kiosk

Interactive wayfinding kiosks for easy navigation within the hotel premises, detailed local maps for smoothening local transit. Wayfinding kiosk are an unavoidable component in hotel digital signage

Weather and News

Furnish the lobbys and recreational areas with latest news and updates from the web. Use the custom digital signage apps to easily fetch and place news feeds, RSS feeds, flight details and other popular contents from the web.

Social Media walls

Make use of social media walls to popularise your services instantly. Transform guests to brand ambassadors. Use screendrive’’s custom digital signage apps for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms to fetch the populate your digital signage screens with live online contents.

Promotional and commercials

Display Promotionals and Commercials at appropriate moments to emphasise brand value and to develop brand salience.

Screendrive is one of the fast growing digital signage solution provider in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and North African countries region. Currently more than 1500+ screens across the middle east is powered by screendrive digital signage solutions. Screendrive digital signage is used in Restaurants, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Business and organisation places, retail and supermarkets etc.. Quality product coupled with uncompromised customer support make us a distinguish digital signage software provider.

Why Screendrive digital signage for your hotel

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