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Digital signage for Healthcare and Hospitals.

Digital signage is now playing an all-rounder role in the healthcare sector by improving patient experience, employee communication, and other management activities. Digital signage displays and software plays a pivotal role in coordinating employee activities, entertaining patients during wait times, and more importantly, providing accurate and up to date information at the right place on the right time.

Hospital digital signage helps to reduce the communication gaps among employees and it is the modern way of information passing in Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors office etc.Whether it's a doctor's office, Hospital, nursing home, clinics,or medical labs, Screendrive’s digital signage solutions can improve the visitors and patients experience.

Screendrive’s intuitive visual designer and digital signage apps will let you design and display variety of contents in your Healthcare facilities easily. Configure any number of screens, set access permissions for contents and screens to manage every screens as you wish.

Que and wait-time signage.

Wait time is one of the most hated things in this highly busy world. Display informative and engaging contents through waiting room information screen and deliver a productive waiting time for patients and visitors.

Communication Simplified.

The greatest benefit of digital signage in hospitals and healthcare sector is the simplified way of communication. In busy and highly sensitive environments like hospitals, a single point of miscommunication will invite fatal problems. Digital signage screens can be used as emergency alert screens, rules and guidelines of each department, health warnings, and precaution, visitor policy etc. such highly important messages can be effectively delivered through digital signage.

Health Information signage.

Replace the centuries-old static display boards with digitally powered information displays. Deliver dynamic and update health tips. Use Screendrive’s digital signage apps to easily populate Hospitals information boards with the contents of the web. Use the advantages of presentations, Videos, Animations, Excel document and most of the popular content formats to convey information more effectively.

Map and way-finding.

Simplify the navigation within the hospital premises using the interactive Map-Wayfinding kiosk. With digital signage driven wayfinding kiosk, you can ensure that the visitors and patients won't get lost.


Applications of digital signage in the healthcare sector are not restricted to the above. Any other contents; let it be news, health statistics from websites, health tips, safety procedures, donors and contributors details, commercials and promotional contents etc. Anything to everything, anytime at any place, digital signage system smoothens the daily functions of the healthcare sector.

Screendrive’s CMS is adaptable and scalable to any organisational environment. You can grant/restrict access over contents and screens for different users and ensure that, properly scrutinised contents are delivered. Inform, educate and entertain visitors with videos, spreadsheet data and statistics, news and live contents from the web.

Screendrive is one of the fast-growing digital signage solution providers in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and North African countries region. Currently, more than 1500+ screens across the middle east are powered by screendrive digital signage solutions. Screendrive digital signage is used in Restaurants, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Business and organization places, retail and supermarkets etc.. Quality product coupled with uncompromised customer support make us a distinguish digital signage software provider.

Why Screendrive digital signage for your healthcare facility.

  • Powerful cms
  • Intuitive visual designer
  • Unlimited users
  • Scalable and adaptable to any environment more..
  • Help and support in every sense

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