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Screendrive is the ultimate solution for streamlining your digital engagements with customers

Screendrive is a Digital Signage Content Management System and Streaming software, using which you can Plan, Create, Organise, and Execute your customer engagement strategy. Whether it is a Promotional Screen, Information Kiosk, Advertising Pane, Digital Wall, or any other digital communication interface, Screendrive can help you to stream and remotely manage your interfaces hassle-free.

Screendrive is a combination of three components. A powerful CMS, that helps the user to store and organize digital contents, A set of designer tools and default templates to simplify the design efforts, and finally a streaming software in the receiver end for playback support. Most importantly, Screendrive is so versatile; it can function across any vertical of business from simple convenience stores to corporate offices.

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About us

About Screendrive

Screendrive is a brand established by Real Computer Technologies, a Software development company based in India. We are primarily into Digital Signage Solutions and Digital Signage Content delivery. Screendrive is one of the fast-growing digital signage solution providers in the Middle East and North African Region, especially in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman.

Currently, more than 1500+ screens across the Middle East are powered by screendrive digital signage solutions and the number is growing day by day. Quality products coupled with uncompromised customer support make us a distinguished digital signage software provider in the region.

We offer digital solutions across various verticals like Restaurants, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Business, Outdoor Advertisements, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, etc. Through our Screendrive signage systems, we are committed to simplifying the digital communication and customer engagement efforts of our subscribers.

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We are always available here to provide you the uncompromised assistance. Screendrive live support, troubleshoot documents, supporting materials and support ticket system provides our customers world class assistance at any point of time.

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